Doctella is a platform intended for two groups, though the platform is very customizable and users find innovative use cases all the time.

  1. Healthcare providers (They create the app)
  2. Patients and/or caregivers of patients (They receive and use the app)

Doctella enables both groups to share a CareProgram. A CareProgram is a digital program that includes education, action items, questions, and/or data and vitals capture. A patient uses it to help prepare them for a procedure or surgery, manage a condition, make them healthier in general, etc. A healthcare provider can, in turn, receive patient data analytics to gain insights and provide better care. 

How it works is the healthcare professional sends a CareProgram to the patient, the patient uses it to learn and complete actions, and the patient shares their progress back with their provider who can monitor remotely and intervene if anything is off track.