Doctella can help your practice in a number of ways. Given the customizable nature of the platform, we have created a number of innovative ways to tackle common problems. 

Our main use cases are:

  1. Surgery/Procedure education and perioperative protocol management
  2. Condition management with device integration
  3. Questionnaires/Patient Reported Outcomes/Satisfaction
  4. Sending biopsy/test results
  5. Data capture
  6. Care coordination

With very little onboard and implementation time, you can tackle the following issues:

  1. Improve outcomes
  2. Decrease cost
  3. Decrease readmissions
  4. Decrease cancellations
  5. Decrease mortality rates
  6. Decrease preventable errors
  7. Decrease administrative burden
  8. Decrease in unnecessary phone calls
  9. Increase readiness and compliance
  10. Decrease liability 
  11. Increase visibility into patient behavior and ability to intervene in real time if patient is off track without the burden of constant monitoring of a dashboard
  12. Patient stratification
  13. Increase patient satisfaction
  14. Increase staff satisfaction
  15. Real time satisfaction scores or PROMs
  16. And more! 

If you would like to set up a meeting with one of our Content Experts and Doctella Expert Consultants to further discuss how you can use Doctella to meet your specific business needs or tackle issues, please email us,