There are two ways to do this.

  1. Recreate the documents to fit a Doctella CareProgram format
  2. Embed documents, files, videos right in Doctella

To embed a file, create a new item and select "URL" item type. Your file must be hosted online somewhere such as Google Drive, Dropbox YouTube, etc. From there, simply find the special embed URL and paste that into the URL entry field. Furthermore, the url must be HTTPS, not just HTTP (ex: 

Please watch the short videos below for help, or contact a support specialist. 

Embed from Google Drive

  1. For hosted files
  2. For Google native files

Embed from YouTube

  1. Go to desired YouTube video
  2. Click "Share"
  3. Click "Embed"
  4. Select options. We suggest not allowing related videos to show at the end.
  5. Copy the url link from within the source code. Only the link between the " marks.