To begin, make sure that you are in "Studio" mode so that you can begin making changes to your page. Once you are in studio mode, click on "Add New CarrePrograms" on your page.


When you do this, you will see a pop up box with four tabs at the top:

  1. New 
    • This will allow you to add a new CareProgram from scratch. Simply create a name for the CareProgram, the URL for it, a description, and if you want it on web, app or both. From there, please see: How to Begin Creating Your CareProgram
  2. Search Templates
    • You can search for Doctella Pioneer Template CarePrograms from our library. These are CarePrograms created by our Doctella Pioneer physicians - experts who are actively using these CarePrograms with their patients. Search by procedure/surgery name or subject. 
  3. Copy from URL
    • You can copy a CareProgram from another page. Simply go to that page, open the CareProgram of choice, copy the URL and paste it into the Copy from URL field on your page. Original authorship acknowledgment will always be retained within the Content Hierarchy

  4. Specialty Templates
    • Add Doctella Pioneer Template CarePrograms from our library, organized by specialty.